The World is Yours to Explore - Family Plywood Ornament - Create Your Family Combination with 7 People Set (lrgpolo-ds23-worldyoursexplore)

The The World is Yours to Explore - Family Plywood Ornament is a beautiful addition to any home decor, serving as a meaningful ornament that celebrates the essence of family and the adventures that come with exploring the world together. This free-standing ornament features a unique design that reads 'The world is yours to explore', reminding you and your loved ones of the endless possibilities that await. The photo frame centre piece comes with a set of 7 people that can be arranged to create your own family combination, making it a truly personalised piece that captures your family's special bond. Crafted from quality plywood and printed in full colour, the metal people fit perfectly into the frame which features a green background, white writing, and an image of a couple backpacking with the sun setting in the background. Display your favourite memories with this thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come.

  • Personalised family photo frame centre piece featuring the message 'The world is yours to explore'
  • Create your own family combination with the set of 7 people included
  • Made from plywood and printed in full colour with a green background and white writing
  • Free-standing ornament that serves as a beautiful home decor piece
  • Capture special memories and celebrate family with this unique and meaningful gift