The Joy of Christmas is Family - Family Plywood Ornament - Customise to Your Own Family Combination with 7 People Set - Festive Home Decor

The Joy of Christmas: Customisable Family Ornament Set is the perfect addition to your festive home decor. This beautiful ornament set features a green background with white writing that reads 'The Joy of Christmas is Family.' Made from quality plywood, this set includes 7 people figures that can be customized to your own family combination. Whether you have a big family or a small one, this ornament set is sure to bring holiday cheer to your home. The set also comes with a free-standing frame, making it a stunning centre piece for your Christmas display. Each person figure is made from metal and fits perfectly into the frame. The set showcases a charming image of a family decorating the Christmas tree, adding to its festive appeal. Printed in full colour, these ornaments will brighten up any space and spread the joy of Christmas.

  • Customise to your own family combination - 7 people set
  • High-quality plywood in a festive green background
  • Comes with a free-standing frame for easy display
  • Printed in full colour with white writing
  • Charming image of a family decorating the Christmas tree