Reach for the Stars A5 Lined Paper Scrapbook - Inspirational Idea for Friends and Family (note-ds23-reachfor)

This A5 lined paper scrapbook is the perfect inspirational gift for friends and family, including your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, siblings, parents, and grandparents. With motivational reads and a design that encourages you to reach for the stars, this scrapbook will inspire and uplift anyone who uses it. The purple background with stars creates a visually appealing contrast, while the full-color image of a child reaching for a star adds a touch of charm. The black writing ensures clear and legible notes and entries. Whether you're prioritising important goals, jotting down cherished memories, or simply want to organize your thoughts, this scrapbook is the ideal companion. Let your loved ones know they have your support and encouragement with this memorable and thoughtful gift.

  • A5 sized scrapbook with lined paper for easy writing and organizing
  • Inspirational gift suitable for friends and family
  • Motivational reads to encourage reaching for the stars
  • Purple background with stars and an image of a child reaching for a star
  • Full-color design with black writing for clear notes and entries