Pregnant Figure | Expectant Parent Mum Dad | Baby Shower | We Made a Family Extra Sculpture Figurines

Buy additional children and pets to go with your 'We Made a Family' Ornament.

All figures are gender neutral - Height is from head to bum

Honour a lost member of your family and add them to the family decoration with the Angel.

Extra Adults are a great buy for if you have 'grown-up children' and want the figures to be more accurate!

Extra Children are available to those still adding to their family - We have 3 different children models, unfortunately we cannot guarantee which of the 3 you will receive. They are all relatively the same size and we only have the 1 size of child.

Finally, a family would not be complete without a cute little dog or cat, now you can include these on your family decoration in two different sizes! Sadly we cannot offer breed specific dogs or cats.