My Shining Rock For 17 Years - Solid Heavy Metal Seventeenth Anniversary Gift Idea

Solid Metal - Quality Heavy Metal Rock Weighs 200 gram Solid Shining Metal Rock Features The Words 'My Shining Rock For 17 Years' Seventeenth Anniversary Unique Gift Idea Packaged in Wood Straw Comes with a little slip inside called 'The Story of Your Rock' which explains where the original rock came from A stunning unique gift that has been hand cast and polished to a shine and designed just for people celebrating their Seventeenth anniversary. This rock has been casted from a real rock found on a beach in Cornwall UK and casted into solid metal weighing a total of 180 gramms approx. Polished to a stunning shine the Seventeenth anniversary rock features the words 'My Shining Rock for 17 Years'. A really unique gift that is perfect for people celebrating their Seventeenth anniversary, an item you won't find anywhere else. If your searching for something a little different then this item is perfect for your anniversary. Weight - 180g Size - 65mm x 33mm x 25mm