'My Secrets' A5 Lined Paper Scrapbook - Idea for Kids, Friends & Family (note-ha23-mysec)

This A5 sized lined paper scrapbook is the perfect place to keep and share your secrets with loved ones. With its full colour design featuring an image of a finger in front of lips, it adds a touch of mystery to your memories. Whether you're a kid, friend, family member, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter, sibling, parent or grandparent, this secrets journal is an ideal gift. It allows you to prioritize your memories and strengthen your bond with loved ones. The scrapbook keeps your secrets safe and allows you to create lasting memories together.

  • A5 sized lined paper scrapbook with a full colour design
  • Features an image of a finger in front of lips for added mystery
  • Ideal gift for kids, friends, and family members
  • Allows you to prioritize and hold onto your precious memories
  • Perfect for strengthening bonds with loved ones