Love Holds Us Together - Family Plywood Ornament - Customise to Your Own Family Combination with 7 People Set - Perfect Home Decor Idea (lrgpolo-ha23-loveholds)

Enhance the beauty of your home decor with our Love Holds Us Together - 7 People Set Family Ornament. This unique and personalised ornament is the perfect centre piece for any room, adding a touch of love and warmth to your living space. The ornament features a customisable design that allows you to create your own family combination, making it a truly special and meaningful gift for your loved ones. Made from quality plywood, this ornament is sturdy and durable, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The ornament stands freely, allowing you to display it on any flat surface without the need for additional support. With a full colour print, the ornament showcases the phrase 'Love Holds Us Together' in elegant white writing against a beautiful pink background. The image of a love heart and holding hands further adds to the sentimental value of this piece. Our ornament also comes with a set of 7 metal people that fit perfectly into the frame, representing each member of your family. Whether you want to celebrate your own family or give a heartfelt gift to someone special, this Customise Your Family's Love Holds Us Together - 7 People Set Family Ornament is the ideal choice.

  • Customise to your own family combination for a personal touch
  • Perfect family ornament and gift for any home decor
  • Made from quality plywood for durability
  • Free standing design allows for easy display
  • Features a full colour print with a pink background, white writing, and an image of a love heart and holding hands