In the End, Family is All That Matters - Family Plywood Ornament - Personalize Your Own Family Combination with 7 People Set - Perfect Home Decor (lrgpolo-ha23-famismatt)

Introducing our Customisable Family Ornament, a heartwarming addition to your home decor that celebrates the importance of family. This 7-person set features a yellow background with black writing that reads 'In the End, Family is All That Matters'. Made from quality plywood, the ornament is designed to stand freely, creating a beautiful personalised centre piece for any room in your home. Each set comes with 7 metal people that fit perfectly into the frame, allowing you to create your own unique family combination. Printed in full colour, this ornament is a wonderful way to cherish and display your cherished memories. Surprise your loved ones with a meaningful family gift that will be treasured for years to come. We believe that family is everything, and with this customisable ornament, you can proudly showcase the love and bond that you share with your family.

  • Customise to your own family combination with our 7-person set
  • Printed in full colour with a yellow background and black writing
  • Made from quality plywood with metal people that fit in the frame
  • Create a personalised centre piece for your home decor
  • A thoughtful and heartfelt family gift that celebrates the importance of family