Family - Unified, Together, Dependable, Loving - Family Plywood Ornament - Customise to Your Own Family Combination with 7 People Set - Perfect Home Idea (lrgpolo-ha23-famword)

Introducing our Family - Unified, Together, Dependable, Loving Home Decor, a customisable family ornament that will surely add a touch of warmth and love to your home. This 7 people set features metal people that fit perfectly in the frame, made from durable plywood and printed in full colour. The ornament is a free-standing piece that serves as a beautiful centre piece in any room. With its yellow background and black writing, the ornament boasts an image of a large family, symbolizing love, unity, and dependability. Whether you're looking for a perfect home gift or a family gift, our We Made a Family ornament is an ideal choice.

  • Customise to your own family combination
  • Made from durable plywood, free-standing and easy to display
  • Printed in full colour with a yellow background and black writing
  • Comes with a 7 people set, allowing you to represent your family
  • Perfect as a centre piece or a thoughtful home gift