'Enter As Strangers, Leave As Friends' Wooden House Ornament - Family & Friends Welcoming Idea (house-ha23-enterstrange)

Add a touch of warmth and love to any new home with our Wooden House Ornament. This charming decoration features a hugging couple inside, symbolizing the bond of family and friendship. The house ornament is beautifully designed with eye-catching full-colour graphics, showcasing a couple and their adorable dog. The black writing on a white square background adds a classic and elegant touch. This is a perfect gift for mums, dads, aunties, and uncles, as well as any other family member or friend to help them feel welcome and cherished as they enter their new home.

  • Enter as strangers, leave as friends: Our Wooden House Ornament captures the essence of a warm welcome and celebrates the transformation of strangers into lifelong friends.
  • Family and couple gift: This charming ornament is a thoughtful way to show love and appreciation to your family members and significant other.
  • Welcoming and comforting: The hugging couple inside the wooden house symbolizes the warmth and hospitality of a loving family.
  • Perfect for mum, dad, auntie, and uncle: Surprise your loved ones with this sentimental gift that is sure to deepen the bond between family members.
  • High-quality construction: Our wooden house ornament is made of durable materials and features a metal hugging couple inside, ensuring long-lasting beauty and sentimentality.