Christmas Time Family Photo Frame - Festive Decoration & Unique Personalised Gift, Capture the Love of Our Family at Christmas

Celebrate the joy and love of Christmas with our Christmas Time Family Photo Frame. This festive decoration and unique personalised gift is the perfect addition to your holiday decor. The free-standing photo frame is designed to be a beautiful ornament and a centre piece for your family gatherings. With its customisable design, you can capture the love of your family at Christmas with 7 metal people that fit into the front of the frame. Display your cherished family photo and create a lasting memory for years to come. This family photo frame is not only a great Christmas decoration but also a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Each ornament set comes with 7 pieces containing 2 adults and 5 children, you can use these pieces to create your own family combination on the front of the frame/Ornament. So for example you have 2 children then you would only use 2 children in the display. This is a really unique and wonderful family ornament for the home.

  • Capture the love of our family at Christmas with this festive and unique personalised gift
  • Free-standing photo frame that can be used as a beautiful Christmas ornament
  • Comes with a set of 7 customisable metal people to represent your own family combination
  • Metal people fit into the front of the frame, creating a personalised and heartwarming display
  • Perfect as a centre piece for your holiday decor, showcasing the love and togetherness of your family