'Beware of Haunted Houses; They Hold More Than Just Memories' Wooden Family Ornament -Halloween Spooky Haunted House Idea for Family and Couples (house-ds23-hauntedhouse)

Create a spooky ambiance with our Halloween Spooky Haunted House Wooden Family Ornament. This unique and eye-catching ornament is perfect for adding a touch of Halloween spirit to your home decor. The haunted house design features a metal hugging couple inside, adding a romantic twist to the spooky atmosphere. The ornament is made from quality wood and is beautifully hand-painted in full colour to bring out every eerie detail. The grey background with white writing adds to the hauntingly beautiful aesthetic. Whether you're looking for a family gift, Halloween gift, or a couple gift, this spooky family ornament is sure to impress. Beware of haunted houses - they hold more than just memories!

  • Spooky haunted house wooden ornament featuring a metal hugging couple inside
  • Perfect Halloween gift or family gift to add a touch of spooky charm to your home
  • Made from quality wood and beautifully hand-painted in full colour
  • Free-standing design for easy placement on any flat surface
  • Features an image of a skeleton chilling on a sofa for extra spookiness