6th Anniversary Ceramic Loving Couple Collage - Romantic Free Standing Ornament (uv-tileblanket06)

Celebrate your 6th anniversary with this stunning Ceramic Loving Couple Collage set! Made from quality ceramic tiles, this romantic ornament is the perfect gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. The set includes 3 ceramic tiles, each printed in full colour and featuring a different romantic image. One tile showcases an airplane cloud writing 'six years flew by so fast', symbolizing the speed at which your journey together has flown. Another tile depicts a couple cuddling in a blanket under a star-filled sky, representing the warmth and intimacy of your relationship. The third tile captures a couple cuddling on a hill under the romantic glow of the moon and stars, embodying the beauty and serenity you share. These free-standing ceramic tiles come together to create a heartfelt collage that will add a touch of romance to any room. Give the gift of love and commemorate your 6th anniversary with this beautiful Loving Couple Collage!

Dimensions (LxWxH): 270mm x 50mm x 180mm
Weight: 600g