21st Anniversary Ceramic Loving Couple Collage - Romantic Free Standing Ornament (uv-tileblanket21)

Celebrate your 21st anniversary with this beautiful Romantic Loving Couple Ceramic Collage Ornament. This free-standing ornament features 3 ceramic tiles, each one carefully crafted and printed in full colour. It is the perfect love gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend, showcasing your love and commitment in a romantic and unique way. The first ceramic tile depicts a couple cuddling under a sparkling starry night sky. It captures the essence of a peaceful and intimate moment shared between two loving souls. The second ceramic tile portrays a couple embracing on a hill, with the moon and stars shining brightly in the background. This image symbolizes the endless love and support that you have for each other, even in the darkest of times. The third ceramic tile features an image of an airplane creating beautiful cloud writing that says 'Twenty One Years Flew By So Fast'. It represents the incredible journey you have embarked on together and how time seems to have flown by in a blink of an eye. This 21st anniversary ceramic loving couple collage ornament will be a cherished keepsake for years to come. It serves as a reminder of the love, joy, and memories you have created together.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 270mm x 50mm x 180mm
Weight: 600g