2000: When We First Met - Free Standing Clear Acrylic Ornament - Celebrate Our Life in 2000 (uvmet2000new)

Celebrate the special year when you first met with The Year We Met 2000 Free Standing Ornament. This beautiful ornament is a perfect way to commemorate the beginning of your journey together. The ornament is made of quality clear acrylic and features a unique design that displays all the significant elements from 2000. It is a thoughtful gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend on various occasions such as anniversary, wedding, birthday, Valentine's Day, or Christmas. Revisit the past, remember the top of the charts, popular TV shows, and even the Prime Minister of that year. Let this ornament take you back to the memorable moments of your life in 2000 and cherish the love you have built over the years.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 225mm x 16mm x 150mm
Weight: 173g