Design & Earn With Dropship

With Dropship FC anyone involved in the club can have a chance earn a great 2nd income.

Earning money with Dropship is easy. Design and Earn is an invite only programme for personnel of Dropship Football Club. In a few simple steps using our interactive design a product tool you can be designing products and earn £5 for every design submitted.

How it Works.

1. Enter the Software by clicking 'Start Designing Now' above
2. Choose the product you would like to design.
3. Using the Clipart, Text and Images functions on the left, create your design.
4. Click 'Add to Cart' in the top right hand corner and 'Checkout'
5. Change delivery to local pick up which will be free, no need to enter any card details.
6. Checkout to submit the design.

You can design as many as you like and checkout all the designs in one go.

Payments will be made to you on a weekly basis

Any questions contact Kevin on 07508300579

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