Three Years Of Loving You - 3rd Anniversary Solid Heavy Decorative Free Standing Ornament

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3rd Anniversary Gift Idea Made From Solid Beech UK Made Features Lots of Words to Celebrate the Love You Have on Your 3rd Anniversary Suitable for 3rd Anniversary or 3rd Wedding Anniversary. A truly stunning ornament for your home to celebrate your 3rd anniversary. It might be your 3rd wedding anniversary or 3 year of being together, no matter the reason this product is a great way to celebrate the occasion. Made with solid beach this is a heavy and quality piece. The ornament features lots of engraved images and words relating to love and the time you have spent together over the last 3 year of love. Anniversary gifts are always hard to buy for so we have created a great range of quality gifts to ensure you always have lots of fresh ideas. Size - 150mm x 150mm - 27mm thick