One in a Million Pebble - 6th Anniversary Gift

Our One in a Million pebble is great for your 6th Anniversary this year.

The perfect keepsake item to gift your significant other this Anniversary, Christmas, Valentines Day or Birthday.
Gift your significant other with a gift as unique as them with the One in a Million pebble.

This intricate tin pebble was cast from a real pebble found on a local Cornish beach (and returned after), it was picked out of millions on the beach for its unique heart shaped style.
After making a mould of this unique pebble we added to its rustic rural look with a stamped hear in the corner along with the phrase ‘One in a Million’.

This one of a kind little pebble weighs (approx) 46g in solid Tin and measures in at (approx) 34mm x 28mm x 13mm meaning its the perfect size to be carried with you in your wallet or handbag.
It also comes with a wooden insert with a loving inscription engraved.
This item comes sat in a bed of wooden straw in a recycled kraft box.