One in a Million Pebble - 3rd Anniversary Gift

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Weight, 45g

materials, Pewter/Tin & Wood

This intricate tin pebble was cast from a real pebble found on a local Cornish beach (and returned after), it was picked out of millions on the beach for its unique heart shaped style. After making a mould of this unique pebble we added to its rustic rural look with a stamped hear in the corner along with the phrase ‘One in a Million’. This one of a kind little pebble weighs (approx) 46g in solid Tin and measures in at (approx) 34mm x 28mm x 13mm meaning its the perfect size to be carried with you in your wallet or handbag. It also comes with a wooden insert with a loving inscription engraved. This item comes sat in a bed of wooden straw in a recycled kraft box.