Bronze Anniversary 8 Years We Made a Family Sculpture Figurines with Bronze Hearts | 8th Anniversary | Wooden Box Size & Grain Will Vary

As per popular demand we have released a Bronze family, our usual figures along with Bronze Heart on the chests of each figure to signify your 8 years together as a family.

Our family scene comes with 2 adults (as standard) and your choice of 1 to 4 children, packaged in a wooden box with straw.

Flip the box over to show the engraved front creating a shelf for your little family.

Add more figures (adults, angels, children, dogs or cats) by following these links:

Heights: (Head to Bum)
Adult & Adult Angel 3.5cm
Children & Child Angel 2.5cm - 2.8cm
Teen 3.2cm
Dog & Dog Angel 3.1cm
Little Dog 2.6cm
Cat & Cat Angel 1.7cm
Little Cat 1.5cm

Wooden box may vary in size but generally is sized around 25cm x 4cm x 4cm.
Wood being a natural material will differ slightly in colour and grain.