8th Anniversary Reasons I Love You Wooden Wall Frame and Full Colour Love Tokens

A stunning brand new unique product to our range is this Reasons i love you wall mountable frame for the 8th anniversary. Using the supplied Velcro stripes, attach the hexagonal frame to the wall and drop the little tokens into the slots at the top. This is a perfect way to show your love for someone on their 8th anniversary and display in your home.

Your 8 year anniversary is a special occasion, and we are committed to providing quality unique wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Made from dark plywood with a clear acrylic screen and metal 8th anniversary reasons i love you metal disc to make this product really stand out.

The 8th Anniversary version features 10 reason i love you tokens which read.

1. You are my best friend
2. You make me happy
3. You make me a better person
4. You are irreplaceable
5. Your kisses
6. You make me laugh
7. You complete me
8. You understand me
9. Your hugs
10. You make me smile.