4th Anniversary Customisable Interactive Map – Draw and Add Photos – Wipe Clean Memories of 4 Years of Adventures Together(map-yearsof4)

Celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary in a unique and memorable way with our 4th Anniversary Interactive Map. This map is designed to capture and display all the incredible memories you and your partner have made together over the past 4 years of adventures. With its interactive features, you can customise, draw on, and add photos to create a truly personalised keepsake of your journey as a couple. The wipe-clean surface ensures that you can easily update the map as you continue to make new memories together, preserving your love story for years to come. This makes it a perfect gift for your husband or wife, as it allows you to reminisce and plan future adventures together.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 270mm x 15mm x 420mm
Weight: 450g