27th Wedding Anniversary Wonderful Holidays Memory Board - Draw on and Add Your Own Photos - Wall Hung Frame - Remember Your Holidays Together (mapwonderful27)

Celebrate your 27th wedding anniversary with this beautiful memory board, a perfect personalised gift to cherish the memories you've created over the past 27 years. Made from quality plywood, this wall hung frame features a full colour print that will showcase your favourite photos and moments together. The board comes with a free pen, allowing you to draw on and add your own personal touches. It's a great way to remember your holidays together and create a unique and customised anniversary gift that truly reflects your love and journey as a couple. Hang this memory board from the wall and let it become a great centerpiece, reminding you of all the special moments you've shared. And the best part? You can continue to add to and change the contents of the board over the years, making it a lifelong keepsake of your time together.

  • Personalised 27th wedding anniversary gift with a memory board
  • Add your own photos and customise the board to remember your holidays together
  • Made from quality plywood with a full colour print
  • Comes with a free pen for drawing and adding personal touches
  • Great centerpiece for your home and can be added to and changed over the years