10 Year Anniversary Polished Offshaped 100% Pure Tin Necklace and Earring Set …

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10 Year Anniversary Traditional Unique Jewelry Set
Pure 100% Tin Content
Polished Shined Offshaped Heart Set
Matching Earring and Necklace Set
Free 10th Anniversary Gift Tin and little slip explaining about tin and why is is given to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary, tin purity stamp also included.

A new addition to our range is this nicely priced matching earring and pendant set which features a stunning earring and necklace offshaped heart design. hung from sterling silver earring hooks and a silver plated chain, this earring and pendant set are perfect for your 10 year anniversary gift for your wife.

A really nice 10 year anniversary gift made from 100% pure tin, the traditional gift for your 10th anniversary.

Treat polished tin with care, tin is soft and can scratch so please take care with this special occasion set, if you are looking for a tenth anniversary gift that is a bit more hard wearing please check out our hammered tin collection.

Size - 17mm x 18mm (pendant) Earrings - 18mm x 17mm